Ner Tamid

Design & Build of the Eternal Flames
Mark Mosher - Design Engineer

Ner Tamid

Design and supply of custom light fixtures and adjustable table mechanisms for the newly constructed Beth Israel Synagogue in Vancouver, an Acton Ostry Architects project.

The center-piece Eternal Flames (Ner Tamid) consists of a cantilevered LED light bulb, surrounded by a series of interlocking CNC machined triangles to evoke a 3-Dimensional Star of David.

The lecterns and torah tables mechanisms provide an intuitive way to adjust the tilt of the reading surfaces. A custom designed constant friction hinge enables an range of positions from forward to backward angles without the need of an additional locking feature.

Form3 collaborated with architects to ensure the appearances of these products are well integrated in the design of the building. Efforts included coordination of component fabrication, assembly, testing and on-site installation.