Getting Ahead of VR

Exploring the World of Virtual Reality
Robbie roberts - senior iNDUSTRIAL DESIGNER

Getting Ahead Of VR

In Early 2016, Form3 connected with the talented team at wavesine and took a big step into the richly developing world or virtual reality. It's a hot market full of rapidly advancing technologies. This dynamic requires an extremely flexible approach to design and development. In other words, there's some very cool sh$t going on.

VR guru David Clement from Wavesine has identified multiple fundamental flaws with the standard approach to VR headsets. There needs to be a more comfortable way that removes the distraction of the device itself to allow for a truly immersive experiences. The team started by evaluating virtually every headset available to get a sense for David's goals. It became clear that fit and comfort would be a highly iterative process. To date the team has produced more than 16 rapid prototypes to advance the design.

Work is ongoing and we hope to release more soon