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Form3 Design is an innovation and product development consultancy, established in 1997. We help companies to uncover needs, discover opportunities, and deliver solutions that are not only exciting but also commercially successful. A hands-on group of 10 industrial designers and mechanical engineers provide a comprehensive and targeted service for manufacturers. Form3 Design is located in Vancouver, British Columbia just across the United States Border on the West Coast of Canada.

Our goal is to create products of substance that are more desirable, useful, and sustainable. We transform creative ideas into compelling products through an iterative process of design, prototyping, and testing. Our approach allows us to successfully navigate through the many technical challenges and constraints that emerge in product development while honouring the original design intent.

We believe that users are more likely to form strong bonds with high quality products. Product quality can be increased with design optimization, extensive prototype testing, and appropriate material selection.

Teamwork and attention to detail contribute to getting many products successfully into production and reaching the marketplace. All products, no matter how green, take energy and resources to produce and contribute to the growth of landfills when thrown away. By improving user experience, products will be used longer and will be less likely to be thrown away. Simple and timeless design statements will make it less likely that a product will go out of fashion.

We have worked closely with many clients, across a wide range of industry sectors, who share our passion for great design. Several high technology companies and adventure sports manufacturers we have worked with have evolved into market leaders with strong, internationally recognized, visual brands. Our work includes consumer, consumer sports, medical, high technology, and green technology products.

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Meet our team

We are a dedicated and experienced team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers. Our team includes graduates from ECUAD (Emily Carr), UBC, Carleton University, Royal College of Arts (London, England), The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Tunghai University (Taiwan), London South Bank University, and the University of Bristol (England).
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Design Manager
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Design Manager
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Design Manager
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Senior Design Engineer
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Senior Industrial Designer
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Senior Industrial Designer
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Industrial Designer
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Product Engineer
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Chris Pond
Design Engineer
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Design Engineer
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