Vorum Spectra Body Scanner

Non-contact, optical measuring device

Spectra Handheld
Body Scanner

Spectra is a non-contact, optical measuring device, which transfers measurement data to a computer and displays 3-dimensional patient shape data in real-time. The design of the enclosure responds to requirements for a precise structural chassis, while minimizing total device weight to only 1.2kg. We contoured the scanner enclosure to provide a compact and comfortable shape for prolonged use as well as a stable resting position when placed on a flat surface. Built-in feedback through the display allows the clinician to maintain optimal scan distance.

Vorum Spectra Scanner. Machined aluminum housing over electronic assembly.

Industrial Design, Mechanical Design
“The Spectra™ handheld optical scanner enables you to electronically capture a high-resolution 3D model of your patient in seconds – without any patient contact or the mess and discomfort of plaster. Your patients and staff will love you.”