CTF MEG System

Celebrating the most advanced MEG system available

CTF MEG Scanner

Form3 played a major role in the Industrial Design and development of this new system. Our core focus was in three key areas: user-experience, mechanical optimisation, and industrial design.

Our team spent time within the field observing both patients and technicians, in order to gain insights into the advantages and drawbacks of their previous design. Using these findings as a foundation, we used 'design thinking' to then address issues of ergonomics, usability, user-interface, and to identify mechanical redundancy within the system. Our Industrial Design team also envisioned a new aesthetic style for the MEG system; the softer, flowing dynamic curves of the outer-shell create a more approachable system, especially for younger patients who may be intimidated by large machines. This new design aesthetic also creates a strong brand identify, helping CTF further establish themselves as industry leader.
Industrial Design and Development