We Leave
No Stone Unturned

We're passionate about ideas, creating opportunities, and bringing new insights to our clients.

Great Minds
Don't Think Alike
Our successes are born out of our diversity. Each member of Form3 brings with them their own unique skillset, allowing us to create dynamic project teams tailor-made to each brief.
We Ensure Our Products
Are Built To Last
We believe quality is the hallmark of all good design.
Honest, useful, long-lasting products that respect both the consumer and the environment.

Our Expertise

We transform creative ideas into compelling products through an iterative process of design, prototyping, and testing. Our approach allows us to successfully navigate through the many technical challenges and constraints that emerge in product development while honouring the original design intent.

industrial design

Our skilled team of Industrial Designers love getting to the heart of every design brief, skillfully pushing the boundaries to unearth exciting opportunities and discover unmet needs.

design engineering

Our team of mechanical/design engineers pride themselves in their ability to tackle all the technical challenges that may arise during the design process. We develop solutions all the way through to production whilst always ensuring the design intent remains intact.

product Graphics & visualisation

Connecting with your chosen market on an emotive level is paramount for the success of new products. The creation of photo-realistic product renderings offers our clients a dynamic and cost effective way of producing compelling, mouth-watering content for use in marketing and promotional material.

Our Process

We've refined our process over decades of experience. Our international team of designers and mechanical engineers have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, allowing us to unearth compelling design solutions that correctly pay homage to the client. We challenge ourselves to push the confines of each project, systematically discovering new market opportunities and strategies for our clients.

Ideas generation & strategy

Market Analysis
Analysis of competitors products, the market and relevant trends to determine unique opportunities and commercial potential
Creative Directions
Creative Directions Process
We use a mix of user research, personas and moodboards to understand consumer needs, current design trends and to determine future directions for product design.
Ideas Generation
Brainstorming abstract image
This stage sees the rapid generation of concept ideas. Using insights gained from market analysis and trend research, we explore a multitude of different avenues and approaches to the brief in order to unearth new opportunities. This stage can also benefit from focus groups or internal concept workshops. We then quickly collate our ideas into groups, selecting the directions we feel are most compelling and should be taken forward.

Concept design

Concept Sketching
Our industrial designers begin exploring each of the selected directions in more detail. Hand sketching plays a central part in envisioning aesthetic directions in a quick and dynamic way. From styling, part configuration and preliminary material options, we quickly generate visual directions for internal discussion and validation.
Aesthetic CAD
Aesthetic CAD Process
We often use 3D sketch CAD in parallel to concept sketching, allowing us to envision different aesthetic directions in more refined detail. It also allows us to better understand the implications of internal components on the form, as well as the ability to test preliminary mechanical concepts.
Rapid Prototyping and Sketch Modelling
Sketch Modelling Process
We use a mix of sketch modelling (card/foam/wood) and Rapid Prototyping (FDM/SLA) to evaluate form, ergonomics and usability. Rapid Prototyping provides our team with an accurate and detailed example of the design, allowing us to quickly assess the pros & cons of the concept. It also gives our clients the opportunity to see and hold a tangible, living object. 

visual communication

3D Product Visualisation
We use the latest Keyshot software to create quality renderings of design concepts. Here we explore colour palettes, material options, texture details and branding. Depending on your requirement, we can provide high-quality photo-realistic renderings, product animation and in-context visuals to be used for marketing and promotional material.

High Fidelity Models
High Fidelity Model Process
We have links to a number of prototyping companies locally and in Asia. If required we can deliver high quality appearance models that accurately represent both the look and feel of the final product. 

design development

Resolution of Functional Requirements
Internal component integration, mounting, weatherproofing; our CAD specialists produce A-class surface, production ready data.
Functional Prototypes Process
Functional prototypes, single or multiple units.
FEA Process
Testing and validation, FEA, usability evaluation trials.

transfer to manufacture

Production Detailing and Final Resolution
Once all elements of the design are fully detailed and resolved, we then provide in-depth documentation covering every detail needed for production. These documents ensure quality and accuracy is maintained through manufacture.
Colour, Material, Finish,Texture (CMFT) Documentation
We understand the importance of correct colour selections and material choice and finishes. This sensitivity to the more subtler aspects of design can help improve usability, product understanding, and create fresh design language so that our clients stand out in their markets.
Patent / Design Rights Generation
We frequently generate patentable ideas and designs for our clients. This offers our clients an invaluable tool for staying ahead of the market.


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