Promoting the safe and correct use of electronic devices

EyeForcer is a new, revolutionary and lightweight wearable device that promotes safe and proper use of electronics. The gadget looks like a pair of glasses without lenses and is fitted with a Bluetooth radio, accelerometer and battery pack. The EyeForcer connects to an Android companion app, and as soon as the user starts to slouch, a warning message pops up on the screen. If a child receives the message more than five times, the game he or she is playing or the video he or she is watching will shut down. This ground-breaking device and patented technology prevents Gameboy Disease, which is a newly defined condition caused by overuse of smartphones, computers, tablets and gaming systems.

EyeForcer was showcased for the first time at the 2016 Consumer Technology Show in Las Vegas and received an overwhelming response from attending companies and the media.
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