Marine Energy Storage


Liquid cooled lithium energy solutions

Shift Energy manufactures high-power energy storage systems for marine, electricity grids, and large industrial applications. The system is based on a 100 volt, 6.5 Kilowatt-hour module that can be combined in series for higher voltage or in parallel for more power. A racking system was designed to provide mechanical protection and an integrated cooling system that prevents thermal runaway. Form3 designed the mechanical components of the system from the ground up including the battery module, the control unit, the racking system, and much of the assembly line for production.
Shift Energy
Industrial Design, Mechanical Design
"Form3 is far more than an engineering resource—they proved to be a company committed to the success of our designs. They brought insight and innovation to every conversation, and took it upon themselves to develop in house expertise; the result was a fully commercialized energy storage system completed early and on budget. We could not have been as successful in the markets without the talented and committed resources at Form3. Herb Bentz in particular demonstrated the kind of leadership and focus on our solutions that made Form3 part of our company and a real value added asset. I would strongly recommend Form3 for any design engineering you may be involved in; you get a rock star team out of the box.”
Brent Perry, CEO PlanB e Storage Ltd