TEO Smart-Lock System


Key-less padlock that allows you to share and control access with an app

TEO (Transferable Electronic Operation) is the first key-less padlock you can lock, unlock, access and share with your smartphone or other Bluetooth enabled device. You can send permissions to a number of people to open and close your various TEOs. Friends, family members, clients or employees can all have different levels of access for varying times. A custom control app and monitoring suite is used for enterprise applications with multiple TEO’s.

TEO is designed to be rugged, yet compact. The spring-loaded shackle enables TEO to selectively latch or lock and fit through common holes on lockers and hasps. In the instance of a discharged battery an integral jumping port in the housing can be used to temporarily energize the TEO, to unlock with your smart device. Polished hardened shackles reduce scratching and resist tampering.

Form3 worked closely with the client to transform an idea into physical working concepts. Solutions to design challenges include enclosing internal electronics and mechanisms in a reliable rugged form without sacrificing compactness or functionality, the development of an efficient locking mechanism to maximize battery lifespan, and enabling battery replacement while maintaining security. 
Ock Corporation
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