AIRO Bike Saddle


Improving comfort through shock absorbing technology

The world of recreational cycling has been exploding over the last number of years. Road cycling is challenging golf as the recreation of choice for active adults wanting to combine high level exercise, socializing and the outdoors. As a result bike manufactures have been constantly been refining bikes to produce attractive, fast, and comfortable designs that really appeal to this target group. However, saddle technology has not kept pace. Traditionally, a comfortable saddle equals a big saddle...but a big saddle does not equal a fast or attractive saddle. Enter the Airo.

The goal of the Airo bike seat is improve on the comfort advantages of a large soft saddle, and pair it with a form that is fast and refined to match the expectations of this developing market segment. The design uses a patented spring solution that allows the wing portions of the saddle to move with the body during the pedaling motion. The reduction of pressure on soft tissues greatly improves comfort without the need to add thick padding.

Form3 assisted the client to refine the visual form and mechanical solutions through several iterations of prototypes.
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