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Next Generation IP Phones

For its next generation of IP phones, Nortel wanted an innovative, ergonomic design that differentiates its phones in the marketplace. Nortel commissioned Form3 to develop a cutting-edge phone that would enhance customer value. To maintain brand consistency, the new phone needed to share some common characteristics with Nortel’s traditional line of phones. Other design objectives included reduced desktop footprint, while maintaining the same superior ease of use as is expected from Nortel’s phones.

Form3 conceived a revolutionary vertical design for the phone that considerably reduced the size of the phone. In addition to taking up less space on the desk, the portrait orientation of the main interface area makes the phone visually smaller than comparable sets on the market.

To improve the user experience, Form3 visually enhanced the interface area of the phone, over the handset and audio areas, with a specific form and by using metallic finishes. Most key shapes of the phone are consistent with past Nortel sets to maintain brand consistency. Form3 introduced a two-piece navigational cursor to simplify use and provide a distinct appearance. To further distinguish the set, we proposed blue back lighting to enhance the presence of the display over the more conventional gray-scale versions. Nortel incorporated a white backlight, which when combined with the customized anti-glare coated glass, gives the display an appealing blue hue, even though it’s an eight-level gray-scale display. A blue LED indicator can be viewed from the front and back of the set. This status indicator informs a user of firmware downloads that are in process. Other indicators can be activated as new features are added to the phone.

Form3 provided mechanical design assistance throughout the product development cycle. We provided specific help in resolving issues with the implementation of the angle adjustment mechanism, wall locking feature, navigational cursor, wire management and volume optimization. We designed a single-handed screen angle adjustment to optimize viewing under a variety of lighting conditions. The same mechanism allows the unit to be folded flat for wall mounting and shipping.
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