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Celebrating the most advanced MEG system available

CTF approached Form3 with a desire to re-imagine the physical form that housed their world-class MEG technology. They wanted a MEG system that not only touted unsurpassed technical performance but also offered patients and technicians a streamlined, hassle-free experience.

Our team spent time observing technicians at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to get familiar with the current system and identify usability issues, potential hazards, and ergonomic challenges. The team also sat alongside behavioural psychologists to observe children with epilepsy and autistic spectrum disorders, gaining valuable insights that would later inform their design choices.

Our goals for the MEG redesign:
- Streamlined design, focusing on improving ergonomics & usability
- Innovative integration of safety panels, peripherals, cables ("spaghetti free")
- User-friendly (psychologically accessible) design
- A modern aesthetic that highlights CTF as industry leaders
- Establish a brand language that can continue across future CTF products

Areas worked on:
- Main shell & gantry area
- Patient support area - seat / cabling / safety panels
- Bellows integration
- Peripherals
- System remote control
- EEG control box (not shown)

As a result of combined efforts, CTF exceeded their business targets, propelling them forwards as the leaders in the MEG industry.
CTF MEG International Services LP
Concept Design, Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Design for Manufacture, Marketing Visuals.