Defining the future of food production through AI advancements


Packaging AI technology for demanding field use

Ecoation has developed a technology which merges and augments artificial intelligence, robots and evolutionary biology to produce clean food for all by reducing crop loss as well as the need for pesticide use.

Their latest device, OKO runs on concrete or pipes inside greenhouse rows, providing pest and disease monitoring, climate checks, yield count and assessment, crop work quality assessment.

We designed enclosures for the sensing, machine vision and processing functions as well as a mounting frame which attaches the components to a scissor lift cart.

• Shock mitigation and protection
• Fiber optic mounting
• Thermal optimization
• Durability
• Weight and size minimization

Rugged die cast components house the device electronics with optimizations for weight and size reduction and thermal management. The frame supports the enclosures with provisions for shock and vibration control, while providing adjustability for the camera locations.
Prototypes for all custom components were procured for and assembled with the Ecoation team.

Ecoation Innovative Solutions
Concept Design, Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Design for Manufacture, Marketing Visuals.

Form3 is proud to have assisted Ecoation in their mission to bring AI advancements into the future of food production.