FINDr Lightweight Carbon Ski


High performance, ultralight mountaineering ski

The FINDr ski, launched in the 16/17 winter season, has already collected two industry awards. The ski aims at the high performance mountaineering market with an ultralight carbon fiber construction. To achieve this, Form3 worked alongside the G3 team to determine the limits for removing mass from the ski by designing elegant shapes without negatively affecting flex performance. The shapes needed to be easily machinable within the capabilities of the vendor to keep costs from creeping too high. A central rib controls stiffness and the tip retains mass to keep it on target in rough snow. Urethane sidewalls, a new technology in the industry, improve dampness and durability – both typical problems with lightweight carbon skis.

Form3 developed the shapes with a vision for how they could be implemented on future skis to maintain a consistent brand language. The shapes can be scaled across the line to modify performance and visual impact as required for the characteristics of each ski. Once the shapes were defined in 2D, Form3 worked closely with G3 engineers to develop a CAD implementation strategy to be scaled across models and sizes.

Graphics for the entire 16/17 ski line were developed to grab attention with bold fields of colour and make strong brand impression across the whole product line.
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