ION Bindings


Tour ski bindings, keep you in and let you out.

The ION Binding is considered one of the most desirable products in its market category. It is the most powerful and intuitive lightweight free-ride ski touring binding to date. It has received six industry awards.

Form3 worked closely with the G3 team to develop a clear understanding of the technical limitations. This allowed us to generate appealing shapes and features that contribute to meeting strength, weight, and function targets. The positive outcome has allowed G3 to shift into a period of growth and investment in additional development.

Form3 contributed to the project by defining the product aesthetics, including form, colours and graphics. The visual language needed to rise above competitors, align with G3’s high performance standards and highlight this innovative backcountry equipment. The intended market for this binding required a look that walked the line between lightweight and bombproof. Shapes and line communicate power and fluid motion. Colour is used to highlight key touch-points and help define the mechanical form. Active mode indication is used, rather than passive graphics of competitors, to ensure users understand the mode of use. Key challenges on the project included creating cohesive application of form and colour across a range of complex parts using different manufacturing technologies.
Genuine Guide Gear Inc.
Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Prototyping