The definitive backcountry folding pole for splitboarders and snowboarders

A pole for Split Boarders carries a unique set of requirements seperate for skiers and hikers. Form3 collaborated with the G3 team and athletes to kick off the project with user centered idea generation targeting the key pain points for split boarders.

Work started with sketching and rough validation prototypes to flush out ideas and gather thoughts from participants. Promising directions were identified and worked through several iterations in in order to test, and improve.

The result is the most optimize user experience on the market. The Pivot is a three section pole to minimize its size when stowing in packs. The awkwardness of a typical 3 piece pole was eliminated by features that allow the user to intuitively wrap over the top and secure the basket to the pole shaft. This creates a tight package that is secure to handle, easy to stow and fast to deploy. The top of the grip is shaped to ease the manipulation of hard to reach split binding heel risers. Shaft rings provide easy to see and grip touch points to deploy the pole and act as multiple grip points when traversing. 

Company: Genuine Guide Gear  
Early product ideation, Industrial Design, Detailed CAD for production

Design exploration